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up and coming authors.


2 Natasha Usher 2004 May 22
"Natasha Usher, author."

1 Denise Campbell 2004 May 22
"Theatrical performer, author, spoken word artist, poet, public speaker, inspirational speaker."

1 Monica Jackson Online 2004 May 22
"Check out my books and novellas and get sneak peeks reading big, juicy excerpts."

2 Libra Rock 2003 Dec 16
"I model and I write and sing music, and I'm a writer. I feel it's always good to see Black women doing their thing in a positive manner."

2 Stacy-Deanne: An Author's Universe 2003 Dec 16
"Her Story: Stacy Style Welcome to the exciting world of author Stacy-Deanne. Stacy is the author of thrilling mainstream novels, detective books and celebrity bios featuring some of today's biggest R&B singers. Her celebrity bio series includes in-depth and personal looks into the worlds of Latin superstar Jennifer Lopez, R&B sensation Mya and many more. Stacy is currently working on more bios for her series. The series started from Stacy's love of music and the admirations for singers she writes about. The message of her series is to bring deserved attention to minority women who are making a significant contribution to the music world."

1 Bella McFarland 2003 Dec 16

2 Be My Sorority Sister: Under Pressure 2003 Dec 16
"A pro-sorority book about sisterhood, struggle, and one woman's desire to be Greek."

2 Angela Weaver 2003 Dec 16
"Southern Girl by way of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Angela Weaver has lived in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York and Japan. She is the author of By Design and currently at work on her next goal, that being her next novel."

1 Celia Vaughn's In the Biblical Sense 2003 Aug 30
"EXPERIENCE THE SENSATION of an intriguing romance in the richly sensuous setting of Martin's Mountain. From the moment Sheba Queen Dupree makes her decision to travel across the Atlantic, the excitement mounts! Thrills abound as she enters the world of mysterious rituals, huge mountains, sparkling springs,lush greenry,pulsating pleasures and accomplished mountain men! The pages of this fabulous red book sizzle with action, heart-pounding suspense, and goose bump passion!"

1 SAGE ... the author 2003 Aug 30

1 PSB Communication 2003 Aug 30
"A connoisseur of literary classics, Peggy Butler began writing at the age of 10. It was Langston Hughes' metaphoric poem 'What Happens to a Dream Deferred,' that fueled her love of the written word. Unlike many writers who specialize in a particular subject, she prefers to write about everything. No topic is too boring or too bizarre. The Florida native says writing gives her a sense of freedom that is both therapeutic and satisfying."

1 Fitwryter 2003 Apr 21
"So... welcome to my world, a place of romance, passion and laughter. This is where I'll get to share all the news of my books, both old and new, and where I'll have the opportunity to link you to friends and favorites."

1 Adriene Pickett 2003 Feb 15
"Author of Never Forget the Bridge That Crossed You Over ..."

1 The Days of the Children 2003 Feb 15
"A series of mutilation murders in modern day Boston causes African-American forensic psychologist, Kayla Hazelwood, to be pulled into the case. But, the recruitment of Caucasian paranormal psychologist, Dr. Connor Biantagglia, sparks romance and the revelation of the horrifying source of the murders."

1 Michelle Monkou 2003 Feb 15
"Open Your Heart ... let love in!"

1 NubianMindz 2003 Feb 15
"An online community of creative african american poets, artists, writers, singers, authors, etc. Our purpose is to enlighten as well as showcase talent(s) of our society."

1 Neale Sourna 2003 Jan 13

1 Nikki Simone 2003 Jan 13
"I would like to thank you for visiting. Sign my guestbook so that we may keep in touch. Feel free to check out my interview and order books."

1 Anita Doreen Diggs 2002 Dec 01
"... was born and raised in New York City. She is the eldest of two children and attended local public schools. Ms. Diggs started her book publishing career in 1989 as Executive Secretary to the CEO of New American Library (now part of Penguin Books USA). Following that job, she worked as a book publicist for Dutton Books for 3 years before quitting to write."

1 Fairy Tale Wedding 2002 Nov 20
"... is a contemporary romance novel set in Metro Atlanta, Georgia."

1 Mahogany Writings 2002 Nov 20
"I welcome my fellow writers, poets, and authors. I appreciate your visit to my site. I hope that this is to your liking. On Mahogany Writings, I share with you my writing experiences, information on my Indianapolis-based book club (also named Mahogany Writings), which has been recently established, share my poetry as well as an excerpt from my first book, Together Again."

2 Nea Anna Simone 2002 Nov 20
"... has touched on a subject that still elicits sensivitity in our community. Simone makes an impressive debut with her unforgettable and inspiring family saga in the bestselling traditition of Cane River. The emotionally powerful story of one women making difficult changes in her life gains courage by revisiting the difficulty of her forbearers. Simone's piercing novel is an exhilarating story with unforgettable characters that will have readers examing their own histories!"

2 Terry Smith Online 2002 Nov 20
"So what? You agreed to sleep with someone that you really liked. The person said all the things that made you feel the time was right and you thought the sex was the bes tyou've ever had. ... And the morning after, your beloved couldn't even remember your name. Does it really matter?"

1 Teri Allen 2002 Oct 10
"Here's ... Terri Allen: Writer, Teacher, Genealogist, Poet, Speaker, TV Talk Show Host, Writer, Historian, Lover of the Bible, Interior Designer, Talent Manager, Black Art Collector, Commentator, Public Relations Consultant, Publisist, Event Coordinator ... & much more!"

1 Idelia's Page 2002 Oct 10
"This Web site is all about me and my romantic intrigue novels, 'Star Light, Star Bright,' 'For Your Love ...' and 'My Shining Star.'"

1 Angela Henry Online 2002 Oct 10
"Angela Henry's debut mystery novel, The Pleasure of His Company, introduces witty, intelligent, laid-back sleuth, Kendra Clayton!"

1 The Book Connection 2002 Oct 10
"Hello, I'm Dawn Walker and I'd like to welcome you. I'm a new writer from Chicago, IL."

1 Gloria Mallette 2002 Aug 26
"My latest book is Promises to Keep, publication date May 28, 2002. I hope you'll take a moment to check it out, and while you're here, please stay and browse my other titles."

1 Lalaina M. Lightsey 2002 Aug 26
"... is a Christian author and highly sought after Christian speaker/teacher. She is involved in many ministries within the community and currently serves as a Chapter Leader for Woman on Fire for God Ministries in the Central Florida area."

1 Natalie Darden 2002 Aug 11
"Make up your mind or have it made up for you? An entertaining novel of relationships and second chances, this work of fiction will leave you wanting more."

1 Aurealia Nelson 2002 Aug 11

1 Carla J. Curtis 2002 Jun 17
"Motivational and empowering books cause people to ignite their passions in life."

1 Donna Hill 2002 May 25
"... was first published in 1987 with the short story "The Long Walk." Since that time she has 24 titles to her credit, which include 7 novellas and has 17 published novels. Her novel Indiscretions was the first African-American romance to make a bestseller list. She has been featured in Essence, the Daily News, USA Today, Today's Black Woman, and Black Enterprise among many others and has appeared on numerous radio and television stations across the country."

1 Hope C. Clarke 2002 May 25
"... is a publisher and author of fiction horror and romance of the new Millennium. She unsparingly carries her readers through the bowels of their twisted fantasies and quenches their thirst for the eroticism of sex and romance in modern language. She takes her readers greatest fears and amplifies them."

1 Edwina Martin-Arnold 2002 May 02
"Edwina was born in Texas and grew up in Washington State. She attended the University of Washington where she met and married her husband, John. After working for two years as a buyer at Boeing, Edwina left to attend law school at the University of Puget Sound. Upon graduation, Edwina became a prosecutor. She enjoyed a seven-year career before she left to spend more time with her three children. It was during this time that Edwina was able to fulfill her life long fantasy of becoming a romance writer. She is currently working on her second book."

1 L.B. Ransom 2002 Apr 21
"L.B. Ransom is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She received her undergraduate degree from Dillard University in New Orleans, LA and her MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. She has worked in Corporate America for over ten years. L.B. Ransom is happily single."

1 Latorial Faison 2002 Apr 21
"Welcome to my web site. Secrets of My Soul is now available at,,,, and at Powell's Books. It's available for order at bookstores now."

1 Mystery Author Gayle Tiller Homepage 2002 Apr 03
"Gayle Tiller is an attorney, a community activist, and a past candidate for San Jose City Council. She is a former political editor for Exodus Newsmagazine, which is an African American news publication. Ms. Tiller is of African American and Jewish descent. She lives in San Jose where she is working on her second novel."

1 Dr. Pat Reid-Merritt 2002 Apr 03
"Sister Wisdom: Seven Pathways To A Satisfying Life For Soulful Black Woman, on shelves nationwide May 2002."

2 African-American Author Roundtable 2002 Mar 07
"African-American writing is more than a genre for these twenty-two writers and illustrators. For Jabari Asim, Steven Barnes, Tonya Bolden, Michele Andrea Bowen, William Jelani Cobb, Michael Datcher, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, Phyllis Y. Harris, Mat Johnson, Kim McLarin, Marissa Monteilh, Monique Morris, Alexs D. Pate, Kayla Perrin, Myles and Sandra Pinkney, Francis Ray, Maryann Reid, Afi Scruggs, Natasha Tarpley and Raymond A. Winbush, their work carries a bigger mantle as they are representatives of a culture and, whether they choose to be, or not, role models to a younger generation of writers and readers. Here they speak out on their experiences as published authors, share advice with aspiring writers, and relate how being African-American impacts their work."

1 Jacquelin Thomas 2002 Mar 07
"Jacquelin Thomas discovered her love for writing when her first boyfriend dumped her at the age of sixteen. Wanting to get even, she went home andkilled him off in a story. After her initial quest for revenge was fulfilled, Jacquelin found she truly enjoyed the craft."

1 Getting Unstuck 2002 Mar 07
"... is an expressive autobiography that is presented in the form of a conversation between Conscious and her therapist Allan after he strategically stirs up repressed memories of sexual abuse in her past."

1 Theresa Banks 2002 Jan 30

1 Port Royal 2002 Jan 22
"An erotic romance short story by Gwendolyn R. Morris."

2 African Writers Index 2002 Jan 22

1 Mercedes Keys 2002 Jan 22
"Yes, I'm Mercedes Keyes, and while you're here, my aim is simple. Which is to introduce My Poetry, Opinions, and Short Stories in variety. Always in a form that you can relate to, and reflect upon. Bringing you back, again and again."

2 Sparkledoll: Always Into Something 2002 Jan 08
"... is the story of how Lori Baldwin overcame her rebellious teenage years to go to college-only to discover that college can be a wild and crazy place. Lori chronicles her wild stories about life, her friends and the men that crossed her path."

1 Jireh Publishers & Distributor 2001 Dec 27
"One of the main reasons why I wrote Awakenings, is that there are too many people sitting on the sidelines of life. They sit there watching things happen in other peoples lives, instead of making things happen in their own lives. I believe that each individual is born with at least one talent or gift, that is to be used for the benefit of mankind. 'Why,' I wondered, 'do so many people come to the end of their lives never having done the things that they wanted to?' The main purpose of Awakenings is to encourage you to go after your dreams. Your dreams can turn into reality. Choose not to look back on your life, saying 'I wish' or 'I could have.' Be able to say 'I have done' and 'I am doing.'"

1 Sandra Kitt 2001 Dec 27
"Blackboard best-selling author."

1 Momma's Corner 2001 Sep 07

1 2001 Jul 21
"Jamerican Connection ... Anyone who has a heart will connect ..."

1 Musings of a Mocha Sista 2001 Jul 01
"A beautiful collection of contemporary black poetry and prose. The reader takes a journey through romantic, spiritual and emotional realms. It will inspire!"

2 MystNoir 2001 Apr 22
"MystNoir features African-American amateur sleuths, private eyes, and police detectives that appear in mystery fiction as well as their authors. MystNoir will highlight one title a month, update you on the latest mystery news, provide writer info for you aspiring mystery writers, has a bookstore, message board, and a monthly trivia contest!"

2 Nappy Stories 2001 Mar 20
"This site is dedicated to all my nappyheaded (natural) sisters around the world. A few weeks ago I was taking note that although we have come a long way in self acceptance, many of us (women) are having a difficult time accepting and loving our glorious, nappy, kinky, curly hair. All the so-called Black romance novels, Black movies and Black sitcoms all feature Black girls with long straight hair and most of the time it's colored."

2 Locust Hill Publishing 2001 Mar 13
"Locust Hill Publishing provides inspirational books and gifts that "Stir your Soul." ... Quite simply, you'll find a rich source of ideas and products that lift your spirit and make you feel good every day ... for all the right reasons."

1 Trula Breckenridge 2001 Mar 04
"A gifted, dynamic, and up-and-coming writer, she is also a business owner, entrepreneur, and mother. Author of many stories, poems, and essays, her first published book will be out January, 2001. ou can pre-order an autographed copy!"

1 Homepage of Ptti Flinn 2001 Feb 18
"If I have any advice for aspiring writers it would be to start as soon as you get the bug. Don't put it off because you don't think you're good enough or you are worried that you don't have the proper education. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should get a college degree. But if there comes a time when you are not writing because you feel that you are not qualified to do so, for whatever reason, then that reason becomes an unneccessary obstacle. Get rid of it!"

1 Angela Whitterson 2000 Oct 22
"New up and coming inspirational author of erotic, philosophic, spiritual, self-efficacious, and metaphysical literature."

1 Pearl P.R.D. Duncan 2000 Apr 05

1 Milligan Books 2000 Feb 16
"... is dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal. Our goal is help put the best of African-American literature into hands of people all over the world. Our vision is that the story of our steps will be told, not just by the writers but also by the walkers."

1 Connie Briscoe 1999 Dec 06
"Hi, and welcome to my Web site. Here you'll find detailed information about all three of my novels, including the newest one, A Long Way From Home."

1 Skin Deep 1999 Nov 30
"... by Kathleen Cross."

1 Time Will Tell 1999 Aug 19
"... a novel by Trevy A. Mcdonald."

1 The Tamara Hayle Mysteries 1998 Nov 01

1 Plum Crazzzy! 1998 Aug 01

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