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1 Yahoo! Groups: Black Lesbian UK 2003 Dec 16
"A positive place for UK black lesbians to communicate, network, ask for advice, and make friends. If you are looking for a place to belong, feel free to join. ... we are a very welcoming family."

1 Yahoo! Groups: Da Rainbow Coalition 2003 Dec 16
"Statement of purpose: To promote love, honor, solidarity, and integrity among Lesbians of African Descent, in our communities and in our society; To produce and provide an annual egalitarian retreat or gathering to affirm the existence of Lesbians of African Descent through a spiritual, social, and educational milieu; To offer community-based outreach which encompasses networking opportunities, social and cultural events and economic awareness for Lesbians of African Descent; To provide support for Lesbians of African Descent of all ages to foster self-esteem, visibility, self acceptance and empowerment; To encourage and nurture educational assistance through mentoring and scholarships for Lesbians of African Descent; and to aid in fostering personal and professional enrichment."

1 The Lioness Pride 2003 Dec 16
"Hi, I'm Woo. I founded The Lioness Pride on October 23, 2003. It's an online resource that offers a melange of information on queer happenings around the Delaware Valley (South Jersey, Philly and Delaware). We proudly serve the LGBT community, with a special emphasis on Lesbians of Color."

mature Yahoo! Groups: Black Goddesses 2003 Apr 21
"Welcome! This is a group for any/all Black/African-American bi or bi-curious ladies who wish to have a forum to express their dreams, realities, fantasies and desires. Whether you're new to the experience or comfortable with yourself, I hope this will be a place where we can learn, grow and share."

1 Sistahs for 2003 Apr 21
"Members can contact other members and post their own bios and photos. Join today to take advantage!"

1 Ebony Lesbigay Organization 2003 Apr 21
"Ebony Lesbigay Organization is a lesbian-owned and operated site that offer utilities for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. Our mission is to create a strong community of our own -- a community that informs, supports, and affirms us specifically as black lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people."

1 IndySoulSistahs 2003 Apr 21
"Who are we? Just a few women of color in the life trying to build a little community among lesbians, bisexual, bi-curious, and all those ladies in between in Indianapolis. The SoulSistahs are Black women that identify as Lesbian, Bisexual, and those that are a little to curious for their own good. If you fall into one of those categories and your in or around Naptown come out and join us. We get together for movies, bowling, spades, dinners, a lil club hopping and general support for one another."

1 2003 Apr 21
"Welcome to the premier travel and entertainment site for black gays ∓ Lesbians ..."

1 Welcome to Zami 2003 Apr 21
"Zami women welcome you. We are a group for lesbian and bisexual womyn of color. We take our name in honor of the late Audre Lorde who wrote a biomythography entitled 'ZAMI' and who was unafraid to live her life out of the closet. To quote one of Audre's famous lines, 'Your silence will not protect you.' Our vision is to promote self-growth, awareness and solidarity between women of color. Together we aspire to create a safe and dynamic environment. We welcome open discussion and encourage respect and acceptance among our member."

1 SisterLove, Inc. 2003 Feb 15
"... is the first and oldest non-profit organization in Georgia to focus specifically upon the needs of women, particularly women of color, who are at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS."

1 Yahoo! Groups: Biracial and Mutiethnic Lesbians of Colour 2003 Jan 27
"... is a group exploring the experiences of biracial and multiethnic lesbians of colour, and other lesbians of colour who are interested in issues exploring multiculturalism, diversity as they relate to the issues of identity, sexual orientation and social perspectives on diversity in the lesbian community. Intelligent discussions ranging from current political observations, self perception, cultural identification, personalinterests, goals. Offering support to women who embrace the multiplicity of their ethnicity. This Group is centered in the Washington DC area, but all BiRacial, and MultiEthnic Lesbians World Wide are encouraged to join, participate, meet and create a safe, supportive environment."

1 Rolling Blue Thunder 2002 Oct 10
"On this site you will be able to catch a glimpse of who we are. There will be pictures from Black Bike Weeks we have attended as well as other things we have done or seen over the past few years. There will be pictures we have taken of our bikes and of ourselves at work and at play. You will find pictures of our SuperFriends and some of the Stallions we have met over the years. You will definitely find lots of Black Bike Week pictures as well as information about Black Bike Week."

1 MSN Groups: Dread Gyrls, Inc. 2002 Aug 11
"We want to build a network of cool, positive, down-to-earth, everyday gay sistahs for support, realness, honesty, compassion, friendship and fun. We hope this community will be the start of that!! Check out our ad in the Southern Voice paper under the Self-Help calendar and in the Creative Loafing paper under Happenings if you live in the Atlanta area."

1 Nushape Publication Homepage 2001 Nov 30
"Our own feelings of self knowledge and self awareness are our most genuine paths to knowledge. They are turbuent, chaotic and sometimes painful. Even at times they are ambivalent, but they come from deep within us. So we must key into those emotions because often this passion is where our new vision lies."

2 2001 Oct 09
"... is about community and bringing that community closer to other lesbians of color. Whether you live in North America, South America, Africa, the United Kingdom, anywhere in the world, you can find information about our lifestyles and culture via FemmeNoir. Though FemmeNoir's content is geared primarily toward lesbians of color, we also introduce you to non-lesbian identified women of color who serve as positive role models in our communities and our content will provide information we can use as women, such as gardening, home life, cooking, finances, fashion and sports."

1 KADTS Ballroom/DanceSport Studio 2001 Jul 24

2 Afro Nappy 2001 Mar 13
"This e-zine is focused on celebrating the beauty of those of us who are blessed with natural nappy, tightly-coiled, African type hair. This site is especially focused on brothas and sistas who want to know more about taking care of natural hair. There's enough media pressure out there trying to get us to be as unnatural as possible and this website is dedicated to encouraging healthy natural hair as well as permed hair care and tips. ... Talk about hair, relationships, kids & family, Christian issues, multi-racial stuff, or music ..."

1 The Toui Group 2000 Dec 28
"The spring 2000 collection ... just in time for ... Commitment Ceremonies, Engagement Parties, Showers, Anniversaries ... We've got the right cards for the right occasion."

2 Truly Caribbean Woman 2000 Nov 26
"The site is geared at representing the lives of women from the Caribbean and how they relate on issues of health, spirituality, business, family, and culture."

1 eGroups: Hir_She 2000 Sep 24
"This is a list for dykes/lesbians/queer women of color who live their respective lives as the fierce Femmes and Butches we are!"

1 eGroups: Weeping-Willows 2000 Jul 19
"Yes, black women get depressed too. This list is for sistahs who have or are suffering from depression to talk with other women about various treatments and therapies, offer support, and discuss social issues, sexual abuse, drug addiction, weight issues, relationships and other things that affect our mental health."

mature Ebony Lesbians With Herpes 2000 May 18
"... is a site for adult/mature lesbians with herpes wishing to foster healthy and responsible relationships without the stress of making that dreadful confession. I hope that you will find in this site a place where you can openly share your experiences and meet other sistahs in similar situations that are willing to engage in positive and healthy discussions about the challenges of being a lesbian with herpes."

2 Zami 2000 May 18
"... is a not-for-profit collective of lesbians of African descent residing in the atlanta metropolitan area. Our primary mission is the procurement and dispensation of scholarship funds to lesbians of african descent attending an accredited post secondary institution in the southern part of the united states. We also provide a forum and affirming safe space for the voices of lesbian writers of color. Finally, Zami sponsors special programming to develop the leadership potential of young lesbians and to honor the life and legacy of Audre Lorde."

mature Kuma: Black Lesbian Erotica 2000 Feb 27
"Your home away from home; a sort of soul café where adults of all ages can roam and browse freely through our vast array of erotic art, poetry, short stories and audio. Some have even managed to connect with other sistahs who share these same interests through our personals. So turn up the heat. Grab a mug of that favorite herbal tea or hot coffee. Relax and let the sensuality of Kuma take over."

1 Lesbians Of Color Site 2000 Jan 31
"The history of lesbians of color is hidden between the lines of heterosexual, male and white history. Although lesbians of color have always been present in all facets of daily life and social movements, it was not until the late 1970s, that lesbians of color began energetically organizing 'out' groups, compiling anthologies and reclaiming our history. This site is dedicated to locating and making this herstory accessible."

2 Women in the Life 2000 Jan 03
"... is a monthly publication distributed on the first of each month to established clubs, restaurants and businesses that cater to the gay community in the washington metropolitan area. Published since movember 1993, women in the life serves as a vital source of news, views, entertainment and other topics of interest to mature black lesbians and lesbians in general."

1 Womyn of Zami 2000 Jan 03
"... was an informal discussion and social group for black lesbians, bisexuals and womyn exploring their sexuality who are in their 20s. Currently, we no longer formally meet, we only provide information for black women who want to know what is happening in [Washington] D.C. and around the country."

1 The Blackstripe 2000 Jan 03
"The Internet's leading resource for news, information, and culture affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people of African descent."

2 United Lesbians of African Heritage 1998 Sep 01
"We say 'uloah' as a greeting, and as a farewell ... to honor the black lesbians that have come before ... and those yet to come ..."

1 Sapphic Sisters Homepage 1998 Aug 01
"... has been created with much love and respect for all of our sapphic sisters everywhere."

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