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Organizations that we should know about.


1 Professional Women of Color Online 2004 May 22
"... is a nonprofit organization of corporate employees, entrepreneurs and students. It was established in 1995 in an effort to provide women of color with vital information as well as support system to help them excel in their personal and professional endeavers."

1 WIMEN: Women in Music & Entertainment Network 2003 Dec 16
"... is an organization for minority women entrepreneurs. We are a group that supports, empowers and encourages women who have or are interested in starting their own businesses. Whether the goal is to network with other entrepreneurs, sign new clients, promote an existing company or start a new business, W.I.M.E.N can help the aspiring entrepreneur on their journey toward success. We are committed to helping women build a successful business and career in the music and entertainment industry by providing services such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and networking events. Our ultimate goal is to be the network of choice for minority women entrepreneurs in music and entertainment in New York City and eventually around the world."

2 Nushape Publication 2003 Dec 16
"The mission of Nushape Publication is to provide information, education, encouragement, and support to as many people as possible worldwide."

2 Between Sisters, Inc. 2003 Aug 30
"... is dedicated to the upliftment of women of color across class, generational and racial lines. We want women to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives and through programs and advocacy, we will help them to develop the self esteem and character needed to be successful. We believe when women improve the quality of their lives, the communities to which they contribute improve as well."

1 Women of Africa 2003 Apr 21
A French non-profit global organization devoted to helping poor women and children in Africa by providing a better life through development programs.

1 DFW Sisterfriends 2003 Apr 21
"What a Sisterfriend is and what she isn't, is entirely up to...her. A Sisterfriend charts her own course, but we all know, at least one. She's that togetha sista you see holding down a job, managing a family, flying coast to coast on business, serving peach cobbler at the church picnic, and just making all her dreams come true. Perhaps, you are one. A Sisterfriend is someone you should keep your eye on in the new millennium."

1 Memphis Minority Online 2003 Jan 27
"... will endeavor to create a forum for constructive dialogue between communities in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis Minority Online will labor to promote cultural understanding in the Mid-South by spotlighting the very best from each and every community. Our country is in the midst of one of its most critical hours and our country can ill afford for its residents to be splintered and separated. Memphis Minority Online will seek to bridge together communities in the Memphis Metropolitan Area."

1 Ms. Woman of Color 2002 Jan 13
"Online Pageant System ... Celebrating their cultural pride, intelligence, beauty, and style."

2 Daughters of the OmniSpirit 2002 Oct 10
"The purpose of this organization, above all is to break the chain of lack and poverty in our communities. As women have to get back to looking out for each other. And as African-American women we have to reconnect as sisters. Sisters of one blood. We are an elite sisterhood focused on the development of sisterhood between African and African-American women. We concentrate on growth in our communities. The education of our children and the strengthening of our faith. We also want to have fun while we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will prosper, and networking will allow each one of us to become even stronger. We need to share with each other our differences. Teach our Children that the streets and gangs are not their families. We also teach financial freedom and independence for the black family."

1 Sista Society 2002 Aug 26
"Sistas reach out to the sistas that you find unapproachable, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!"

1 NY Metro Chapter of Sisterfriends 2002 Jun 17
"You have reached the official web site for the New York Metro chapter of Sisterfriends. Right now, we are in the beginning stages of forming this chapter and this web site."

1 Black Women for Wellness 2002 May 25
"... is a living, breathing resource center for Black women, working at the crossroads of Black poverty and wealth in Los Angeles, connecting women with each other for our enhanced health and well being. Welcome!"

1 Sisterfriends: Oklahoma City Chapter 2002 May 13
"Our mission is to promote unity among diverse women by supporting and uplifting the spirit emotionally and mentally while uniting common interest and concerning ourselves with a variety of issues and challenges that affects our quality of life. By mentoring, guiding and teaching women who desire to participate in the ongoing celebration of OKC Sisterfriends spirit and camaraderie."

1 LadyFest Philly 2002 Mar 07
"... is a three day not-for-profit all inclusive celebration of the artistic accomplishments and experiences of women. It is a feminist event whose goal is to celebrate Philly's amazing diversity in the context of feminism, to develop a dialogue through and about gender identity, class, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and age. Our aim is to create a vehicle to promote and foster community among women, a space for the talented to be freed of the inhibitions imposed on creativity. Ladyfest Philly is an exchange of ideas, showcasing women's music, activism, visual arts, dance, the written word, the spoken word, performance, and sexual awareness."

1 MSN Communities: Divas Nite Out 2002 Jan 08
"Our goal is to attain an extensive member database with a makeup of professional women from around the world. Our itineraries will vary in nature and being an active member will definitely be a challenging and rewarding experience."

1 Georgia Divas 2002 Jan 08
"... is a group of like-minded African American females over age 35. We are accomplished in our education, professions, families and other endeavors. We have created a forum where we can artistically, intellectually collaborate to give back to our surrounding communities. As beautiful African American women who have learned much in our walks, we share, grow and promote the best of each other. As our membership grows we look forward to reaching further into our communities and becoming the role model for women of color. At the same time, we hope to share laughs, tears of joy and sorrow and support each other on a daily basis."

2 S.I.S.T.U.H.S. 2001 Nov 30
"Our chapter consists of over one hundred collegiate women dedicated to the social uplift and spiritual fortification of African American women. We strive to model our acronyms, Strength, Initiative, Spirituality, Tenacity, Unity, Health, and Substance that make up our name in our daily lives. We sponsor seminars on various topics from relationships to the role that women play in supporting each other. We also hold seminars on womanhood and health issues affecting African American women."

2 African-American Planning Commission, Inc. 2001 Oct 01
"... is a minority-owned and controlled, New York City based, nonprofit organization committed to ending homelessness and developing innovative solutions to joblessness which in turn leads to the self-reliance and the economic independence of those whom we serve."

1 BABS 2000 Nov 04
"... is devoted to the glory of big, beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. Call them what you will -- big, full-figured, plus-size, or voluptuous. I call them, 'Heaven on Earth.' Hear their thunder!"

2 African-American Women in Technology 2000 Aug 19
"... is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, support and advancement of African-American women in the field of Information Technology. AAWIT encourages, promotes and serves the interest(s) of African-American women in Information Technology, striving to help its members advance their careers and enhance their personal development through special resources and networking opportunities."

2 Africa Women Global Network 1999 Sep 29
"... is a global organization that networks all men and women, organizations, institutions and indigenous national organizations within Africa, whose activities are targeted towards the improvement of the living conditions of women and children in Africa."

2 Sistersfriends 1999 Sep 19
"... is about sisterhood, community, and a way of life. It's an ongoing celebration of spirit, comraderie, passions and experiences."

1 African-American Online Writers Guild 1998 Jul 01
"... is a ... nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing information, news, career tips, resources and support to its members."

2 African-American Women on Tour 1997 Dec 01
"The nation's foremost black women's empowerment conference."

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