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Samples of our beauty.


2 Urban Beauty Online 2004 May 22
"... is the voice of women of color. We present timely and informative articles, reviews and tips on skincare, haircare, cosmetics, fashion, and lifestyle issues. We are also dedicated to featuring minority owned companies in the beauty and fashion industry as well as companies that create products and services with women of color in mind."

2 Black Bride 2004 May 22
"... is the place for black couples to plan their wedding. Black Bride offers exclusive wedding information from companies that meet a black couples needs and want the couples business! Support our sponsors, they are interested in helping you have the wedding of your dreams!"

1 African Braids and Crafts 2004 May 22

1 Magic Style Haarflecht-Atelier 2004 May 22
"This is the place to go in Germany if you want to get your hair braided. They do speak English and there are Americans in Germany who might be interested in finding such a place overseas."

1 Body by Shombay 2003 Dec 16
"The key to radiant skin & healthy hair for centuries 100% pure Shea butter has been used in Africa. It enhances skin tones; cures a variety of blemishes and defects and even helps babies sleep better. The modern western world has now re-discovered this African creation, and has used it to make some of the most popular and effective skin treatments available. But nothing will be as effective as what is produced naturally in the heart of Africa. Why not find out what you are missing with 100% pure and natural African Gold Shea Butter now?"

1 Nature Girl 2003 Dec 16
"My name is Elaine and my company, Nature Girl offers the best hair for weaving and extensions you can buy. The collection is called Natural Beauty and I named it so because the hair is just that: Naturally beautiful with just a hint of sexy imperfection!"

1 Soulistic NYC 2003 Dec 16
"The stylistic creations of Jenique Bell practically define the term "cutting edge." Her sleek designs yield a refreshing kaleidoscope of colors, textures, infused with a revolutionary blend of balance and symmetry. Jenique's artistry has been described by fashionistas as 'an innovative, multi-faceted fusion of impeccable craftmanship, combined with a raw, emotionally charged next wave attitude.'"

2 By Sharrone Online 2003 Dec 16
"The By Sharrone line is available at By Sharrone Design Gallery located at 6080 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48202. From her car-stopping display windows, dramatically visible from the street, to the tree, branch clothes racks creatively hanging from the ceiling inside, Sharrone's garments speak to your true nature and beckon you to 'discover your spirit.'"

1 Nikki Makes Scents 2003 Dec 16
"Your one-stop scent shopping site!"

1 BodyBaster 2003 Dec 16
"Black skin must be kept moisturized - otherwise it gets very dry and tight and appears grey. But how many people simply don't bother with our backs because its difficult to reach?"

2 blakgirl*s nappy journey 2003 Dec 16
"I'm Blakgirl and I'm an official card-carrying member of Nappy Heads, Inc. OK, there is no such organization, but I am happy to be nappy."

1 Network Beauty, Inc. 2003 Aug 30
"Traveling Beauty Services and Day Spa Services in Florida, United States -- Orlando Day Spa and Central Florida Beauty Services."

2 Pampered Sisters 2003 Aug 30
"Pampered Sisters is a one stop website that offers women handmade soaps, bath products, books and resource information that will help them to relax, relate and release."

1 Black Hair Energizer Products 2003 Apr 21
"Black hair styles or hairstyles need vitamins for faster growing, stronger and healthy hair to prevent hair breakage from hair weaves, braids, hair extensions. We create healthy hair!"

1 Journey to Nappiness 2003 Apr 21
"Welcome to my journey to Nappiness! My name is Robyn and this is my Sisterlocks experience. I hope you find this site to be of some use if you're considering Sisterlocks or you're just looking for information on natural hair. For an in depth discussion of the Sisterlocks hair locking method, please click the word to take you right to the Sisterlocks website."

1 Result Hair 2003 Apr 21
"We would like to take this opportunity in welcoming you to our range of human and synthetic hairpieces known as 'Result.' We distribute hair extentions thoughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. Because of our experience with quality hair, we are able to provide the highest standard at competative prices."

1 Beautiful Black Hair Care 2003 Feb 15
"For people of color with all hair textures ..."

1 Angie's Cosmetics 2003 Feb 15
"Our concept in skin care is providing you with a range of products pared-down with a no-nonsense approach to skin care needs and which have been carefully formulated with the finest ingredients and designed for all skin types and women of color. What makes us different? We believe making customers happy is the key to a successful salon. We start with a quality product, and then train our beauty professionals in product knowledge and customer service. The result is a pleasant buying experience for every visitor to our salons."

1 Pretty Skin 2003 Feb 15
"As a black woman, I know how difficult it is to find the right makeup, cleansing agents, and cosmetics to give your skin the textured look that makes us so Beautiful."

2 Naturalina 2003 Jan 27
"... was born from the frustration of Leesah B, not being able to find enough choice in natural, nearly natural and Vegan products that are of particular benefit to Black skin and Hair, in the Ethnic market."

2 Cosmetics by Sacha 2003 Jan 27
"Most Caucasian and all Asian, Latin and African women have yellow-based skin and must wear a foundation with a yellow base. Sacha Cosmetics manufactures the only yellow based foundations in the world. It will perfectly match your skin tone leaving your skin looking flawless and natural-looking. Our cosmetics will not leave your face looking pink, orange or ashy."

1 Osun Designs, Ltd. 2003 Jan 27
"... was established in New York City in 1982. The House of Osun creates one of a kind wearable Artworks that cater to women of all sizes because we firmly believe all women have the right to be gorgeous. No two designs are the same and each piece is as individual as it's wearer! [We] are a combination of contemporary style with a distinctly Afrikan Centered flavour. This fusion of hand painted images, striking fabrics, and Osun's signatory 'simple yet elegant' shaping make each creation a feast for the eyes!"

1 Esdee & by HIS hand, LLC 2002 Dec 01
"Elegant. Hip. Avant-garde and classy. One at a time or mix a couple of them together. Any way you try them, that's just how you'll feel wearing original jewelry accessories by Sandra Davis of Esdee and Susan Myris of by HIS hand. These two Detroit-area jewelry designers offer an eclectic collection of hand-beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. In their collection there is something for everyone: urban chic, sophisticated ethnic pieces, and fine matching sets employing genuine freshwater pearls, Czech glass, Austrian crystals and Bali sterling silver and vermeil (gold over sterling silver)."

1 Naturceutics, Inc. 2002 Nov 20
"Naturceutics' Nature's Prescription shampoos and conditioners were developed and formulated by a professional pharmacist who was searching for a product that was non-drying, moisturizing, as well as protective. After many years of searching without finding the product that she was looking for she started developing her own shampoos and conditioners for personal and family use."

1 All Natural Haircare by Kendra 2002 Nov 20
"Specializing in loc start up and maintenance, braids, cornrows and twists!"

1 Naani: A New Era in African Hair 2002 Nov 20
"Dedicated to dreadlocks, braiding, cornrows, naturals. ..."

1 Even Glow 2002 Nov 20
"Welcome To Importers/Wholesalers of Skin Whitening Creams! We carry products at the lowest prices!"

1 MotownGrl's Natural Hair Diary 2002 Oct 10
"Once I began to wear my real hair, I didn't take many pictures, it was quite an adjustment. After visiting a few hair journals, I decided to start my own to document my progress. I'm glad I did. It's great looking back and to see how much my hair has changed and transformed. After taking pictures for one year, I gave my site a makeover and changed it into a natural haircare resource loaded with how to style and maintaining natural hair. I really like helping others who are natural or thinking about sporting their own beautiful natural texture."

1 2002 Oct 10
"For people who love their naps or aspire to ..."

1 Tamu Studio 2002 Oct 10
"Hair accessories for the Natural U."

1 Pretty Natural 2002 Oct 10
"Consumer interest in body-care products, especially those containing natural ingredients, is growing at a phenomenal rate. However, when it comes to beauty, just as much attention should be paid to the foods we eat, our water and particular nutritional supplements. To achieve healthy hair, skin and nails we must successfully create a balance both inside and out."

1 Nubian Indigo 8 2002 Aug 26
"... is an aspiring contribution to the tribe. For the masses that are looking for inspiration while on their own journey (and my own as well) to nappyhood. I would like to share with you, my people, so that together we can demonstrate our love of self and pride in our coiffure. To shine and represent."

1 Angela's Body and Bath 2002 Jun 17
"We make bath and body products from natural ingredients."

1 Phase II Studio 2002 Jun 17

1 Nappturality 2002 Jun 17
"... is a portal to find photographs, black natural hair journals, websites, forums, information and links about the care, maintenance and politics of natural hair. Natural napptural hair. We feature photos of all natural styles, comb coils, two-strand twists, afro puffs, afros and all other napptural styles. Proudly done by natural-haired women on their own hair."

1 Tamu Studio 2002 Jun 17
"Uniquely designed hair accessories for your loc, kinky, braided, sister locks, brother locks, Nubian knots, curly hair, straight hair and hair accessories for the natural you."

1 Special Care Skin Care and Wellness Day Spa 2002 Jun 17
"Our mission is to give you an exceptional day spa experience to help you renew yourself and regain your life focus. Special Care has won numerous awards for it's innovative approach and has been featured in Essence, Heart and Soul and Pathfinders magazines. If you are looking for a quiet,relaxing and nuturing experience we are waiting to take you away."

1 2002 Jun 17
"This website is focused on celebrating the beauty of those of us who are blessed with natural nappy, tightly-coiled, African type hair. This site is especially focused on brothas and sistas who want to know more about taking care of natural hair. There's enough media pressure out there trying to get us to be as unnatural as possible and this website is dedicated to encouraging healthy natural hair."

1 Salons of America 2002 Jun 17
"Have you ever been on a business trip, need your hair styled, haircut, or a quick manicure? Or have you visited or moved to a new area, but don't know where to find a great hair salon, barber shop, or nail tech? This happens to thousands everyday from people moving and traveling to people trying to find a new barber, nail tech or hair stylist to replace their old one. We have come up with a way for people to find the best salons in america easily with up to date rates, photos, directions, and very sleek designs to make your visit a pleasant one. Find hard to find hair products from salons across the nation and order it online!"

2 Treasured Locks 2002 May 25
"We are a hair and skin care supply store specializing in high quality, natural and difficult to find products; especially for black hair care. My name is Tywana Smith and I own and operate Treasured Locks."

1 Sacha Cosmetics 2002 May 13
"Are you always searching for the right foundation, but never seem to find just the right shade? Well, your search is finally over. Sacha has developed the 'Perfect Foundation' just for you."

2 Ashe Natural 2002 Apr 21
"We offer a variety of maintenance creams and lotions for dreds/locs, and twists, moisturizers, itch, and sheen sprays for braids and naturals. We also have hair oils, shampoos and conditioners for dreds/locs, twists, braids, naturals. wavy hair can also benefit from our shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils. Please review the hair section that reflects your natural hairstyle."

1 Oil Hut Fragrance Shop 2002 Apr 08
"We carry over 500 of your favorite fragrances."

2 Carol's Daughter 2002 Apr 03
"Inspirations for new products and fragrances come from the staff, the customers, my husband, my children and my family. Every product we sell has been conceived, developed, created and tested by the same people who talk to you on the phone when you call, pack up your orders and send out your brochures. It is a labor of love for all of us. During the past six years we have designed products and gift baskets for several celebrities, such as Erykah Badu , David Sanborn , supermodel Gail O'Neill, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Azura Skye, Halle Berry and most recently, Oprah. As always, I will continue to strive to give you the best, the sweetest and the most luxurious body care products my kitchen and my heart have to offer."

1 Bath Body and More 2002 Apr 03
"Welcome to the Bath Body and More online store!"

1 Badan Armoatherapy 2002 Jan 22
"Badan (Indian for body) is a line of natural aromatherapy products for your face, body, hair, bath, home and peace of mind."

1 Haasa Gara 2001 Dec 27
"All-natural handmade products for the hair, locks, and body."

1 Ebony Visage 2001 Nov 30
"How you wear your makeup is an expression of yourself. Create your own makeup style! Our mission is to keep our sisterfriends informed of what's happening in the fast-paced world of beauty. By providing resourceful information, tips and how to's. While keeping you in the know about the latest trends in skin care & makeup."

1 The Black Woman's Hair 2001 Oct 25
"Our Black women have always had a love-hate relationship with their hair. We have very unique issues, experiences and concerns regarding our hair, that other ethnic groups do not share. Whether our hair is long, medium, short or natural, straightened, permed, dyed, twisted, locked, shaved or braided, it is a very important part of the Black women's identity ... self esteem ... political principes ..."

2 The Best 2001 Oct 25
"... is a Houston based company developed under the watchful eyes of industry icons Rhonda and Tommy Hicks. Respected educators and innovators in the beauty industry, together, they have devoted their careers to the science of multi-cultural and textured hair. They have represented numerous major hair care companies and helped to develop and introduce hair care lines for this market. They have researched and tested products for over 25 years."

1 Backstage Beauty 2001 Oct 25

1 Get It Girl Hair 2001 Sep 22
"Tired of short hair? Have longer hair in a day!"

1 Pisces Soap 2001 Sep 22
"Get squeaky!"

2 Queen of New York Hair 2001 Sep 07

1 2001 Jul 21

1 Venus Hair World 2001 Jul 03
"Beauty supplies and braiding and weaving hairs for todays Afro-American woman and man."

1 HeadsTagetha! 2001 Jul 01
"Here you will find quality custom made headbands, hairbands, hats, & scarves. Every item bears our name, so we've made them with care. We use only high quality fabrics and all items can be machine washed & dried. Please click on the photos below of the items you wish to view."

2 Gillian Magazine 2001 Jun 14
Canada's first and only beauty/fashion magazine for women of color.

1 Exquisite Beauty & Barber Shop 2001 Jun 14
"Exquisite is a place for people who want to get the look just for them. Led by top barber Nichole Taylor (CEO), Exquisite specializes in delivering beauty enhancements for its clients. Superstar barber Nichole Taylor is able to do such outstanding work because she understands each customer should have his/her very own unique style. Nichole evaluates her client's attitude, mentality, and style from the time they enter into the shop up until the time they sit in her chair. Nichole then uses these evaluations combined with the client's very own request to cut her client's hair to perfection. The final results are the perfect look, a feeling of newness, and a long-term relationship created between Nichole and her clients who know where to go to receive a renewed look."

1 Nedjetti's House of Peace 2001 Jun 14

2 Katour Line Wigs 2001 Jun 01
"Designer wig collection."

1 Talai Hair Suppliers 2001 Jun 01
"We supply our customers with human and synthetic hair and supplies at the lowest prices. Our 100% human and synthetic hair is available in a fabulous selection of textures, Natural, Relaxed, Wavy, and European. We are sure you will enjoy shopping with Talai Hair Suppliers based on our commitment for quality & service. We strive to keep our customers happy & satisfied. Talai looks forward to meeting all of your beauty needs!"

1 Orreon Styles 2001 Jun 01
"... is a retail service business that developed a hair addition and replacement technique. Incorporated in 1994, Orreon Styles is the only company in the industry that has perfected this particular hair technique that is completely natural and results in free flowing, long-lasting, healthy hair. This technique once only available via select salons is now available to you."

1 Melinda's Micro's 2001 Apr 29
"Welcome to my website! At Melinda's Micro's I pledge to my customers quality, and a professional service,and understanding. I have earned a reputation for providing professional braiding services for over 11 years. I specialize in micro-braiding with the human hair, Individual braiding, silky dreds, weaving. Find out for yourself all that Melinda's Micro's has to offer you."

1 Angie's House of Hair 2001 Apr 06

2 2001 Mar 04
"Looking for a stylist that knows what they're doing, has great rates and gets you out quick so you can enjoy your new do, or a salon with a nice atmosphere and a variety of services? Click on salons and look up your state ..."

1 It's Finally Hair 2001 Mar 04
"Book apointment online! It's so easy!"

1 Nasabb 2001 Feb 18
"... is about promoting natural products mainly for hair and skin. Our goal is to introduce these natural products to all communities."

1 Ms. Phenomenal Woman 2000 Dec 13
"Celebrating women of color, their cultural pride, intelligence, beauty and style!"

2 HauteZine 2000 Dec 13

1 Great Face Cafe Cosmetics 2000 Nov 16
"... where beauty is made easy. Created for women of color by a woman of color, out cosmetics are specifically designed to complement and enhance our natural skin tones."

1 African Hair Care 2000 Nov 08
"Placing an ad in our online directory is fun, professional, and free. Customers can view your online ad and retrieve important information about your business quickly and easily. ... A successful and revolutionary new way to advertise your business online!"

2 African Hair 2000 Oct 22
"Dedicated to Afro-American style and culture."

1 Jasmine Hair Sheen 2000 Sep 24
"Introducing Jasmine Hair Sheen and Conditioner for women and men ..."

1 Jasmine Cosmetics 2000 Sep 24
"Skin care products ... Face products ... Eye products ... Eyebrow products ... Lip products ... Nail products ..."

1 Nail Tek'niqs 2000 Sep 24
"... is a full service nail salon offering all areas of nail, hand and foot care, in an relaxing atmosphere using aroma-therapy oils, lotions, and candles. We provide professional nail services, manicures, spa pedicures, facials and eyebrow waxing with the highest integrity and safety. Our services include everything from Gel, Diamond, Sculpture, Silk Wrap, and Solar nails, to toe tips. All of our stainless steel nail implements are sanitized in EPA hospital grade disinfectant. The salon is cleaned with antibacterial products. Sanitation and dis-infection is very important for our technicians."

2 2000 Sep 24
"Ethnic hair care ... Health & beauty store ..."

1 Kakakiki Komb 2000 Aug 14
"... is designed to simultaneously massage, stimulate, comb, brush, and clean hair."

1 Africa's Garden 2000 Aug 14
"We sell our products exclusively by the internet. Our raw materials are imported from Africa, and thus are more expensive to obtain than locally produced plants and plant extracts. We are, by intent, not like any other company that sells personal body and health care products."

1 Carolina Beauty Supply 2000 Aug 02
"You reached our beauty supply and hair care site. We're a wholesale distributor of wigs, weaves, hair extensions, human hair, and top ethnic beauty supply products. We have top quality products, and offer free shipment to stores in the Carolinas."

1 2000 Jul 19
"Because your hair is an extension of you ... We want you to be your very best!"

1 Sisterlocks 2000 Jul 19
"... is a trademark company founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. The Home Office is in San Diego, California, and there are Certified Training Associates in 7 other states. The company has developed an innovative approach to marketing its natural hair care system to African American women. The company motto says it all: 'Sisterlocks is not about a hairstyle, it's about a lifestyle.' Sisterlocks invites women who are interested in self-empowerment and cultural self expression, to embrace a natural hair care system that is self-affirming and truly gorgeous."

1 DJ's Fashions and Beauty Supply 2000 Jul 01
"Welcome to DJ'S Fashions and Beauty Supply. We're a large supplier of ethnic beauty supply and hair care products. We specialize in a variety of wigs, weaves, braids, hair colors, hair magazines and quality hair products used to manage all types of hair and hairpieces ..."

1 Havana Beauty Supply 2000 Jun 26
"You will find a tremendous selection of all your favorite name brand, quality beauty supplies and products. We pride ourselves on taking care of you, our customer. We will continue to make you aware of specials, provide product advice and post feedback from our customers."

1 Keralong 2000 May 18
"The art of straightening and hair treatment ..."

1 Unique Cosmetology 2000 Apr 18
"... is the official Web site of Helen Graine-Faulk. At 90 years old, Faulk may very well be the oldest teaching cosmetologist in the nation. Mrs. Faulk opened unique beauty school in july of 1934. Highly professional, the school thrived for over 50 years."

1 Kinks 'r' Us 2000 Apr 15
"I felt [we] females needed more information and support when making the big decision to 'go natural' ..."

2 Jafra Cosmetics International 2000 Mar 07
"You've got to love a company that makes a business out of helping people look great and feel good about themselves. From our world headquarters in the Golden State, a short drive from the heart of Los Angeles, California, Jafra creates quality skincare, makeup and fragrances. But the real excitement takes place all over the world during intimate just-between-friends classes. Jafra is not sold in stores. The Jafra consultants get to be the star."

1 Gracie's Accents 2000 Feb 27
"Featuring sterling silver jewelry & Afro-centric clothing ... rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings ..."

2 Anyiams Creations 2000 Feb 17
"Here you will find the best and most extensive collections of exquisite traditional African and Afrocentric (African inspired or contemporary african) fashions for both male and female on the Web."

1 Black Women Rejoice 2000 Jan 31
"If you are looking for options for damaged hair, if you want to stop hair breakage, or if you're just trying to grow your hair longer with years of no success, we're about to change all that!"

1 2000 Jan 17
"A constant reminder that hair and skin can be strong and resilient, as well as beautiful ... with the proper attention!"

1 Take Down 2000 Jan 17
"Don't take up your valuable time removing braids!"

2 Jazma Hair, Inc. 1999 Nov 21
"The mission of these creative and informed professionals is simple and essential: to get your hair looking and feeling the best it ever has and to keep it that way."

1 Elegance 2000 1999 Nov 21
"Hair & fashion trade show ... Kingston, Jamaica."

1 Uzuri Street Hair Design Studio 1999 Nov 14
"... A philosophy of healthy hair care ... specializing in the latest haircutting techniques ... quality hair care products and services ..."

1 The Black Woman's Guide to Healthy Hair 1999 Nov 09
"... in 6 weeks!"

2 Image & You 1999 Jul 28
Anne R. Harris, independent beauty consultant.

2 Real Cosmetics 1999 Jul 21
"We seek to celebrate the beauty of women of color, the richness of our cultures and traditions and address social issues within our communities. Real Cosmetics is challenging the cultural conceptions of 'beauty' by providing an alternative beauty ideal; one based on the real needs of women of color."

2 The Black Haircare Network 1999 May 27
"... will provide information about all aspects of black hair care in general and specific information about black hair care products and services."

2 E.Z. Wave 1998 Oct 01

2 Miksu Cosmetics 1998 Sep 01
"... Susan [van Brackle] sought to develop a hip, new urban cosmetics line of 'universal' makeup products and professional beauty tools for fashionable women of all skin tones ..."

2 African Wedding Guide 1998 Sep 01
"The purpose of this African wedding guide is to give you ideas and guide you to resources."

1 The Moor Beauty Site 1997 Nov 01
"We teasure the natural look of ourselves and our ancestors, of whose image we were created in and whose likeness we are after."

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